16 September 2006

Yucky charcoal

moldy charcoal

I had no idea charcoal could get moldy until a couple of weeks ago when I found these mold-covered charcoal pieces in this container that we had been keeping in the backyard. Apparently, rainwater had leaked into the container creating an environment ideal for mold growth. In retrospect, it makes sense that mold could grow on charcoal, which is incompletely burned wood or some other substance rich in organic matter.

We had invited a friend over for barbequed chicken this evening. But these moldy charcoal pieces, which were also damp and crumbly, would not heat up. So, we resorted to sausages grilled on an electric grill. At least the wine was good.


Nitemare said...

your honestly sick if your going to grill with those...

Anonymous said...

I'm using moldy charcoal now, why not?