06 October 2006

Friday nite's beer review: Ayinger von Aying


What I am enjoying tonite is a reddish-brown, and if that's what the prefix "alt" in "altbairisch" means, top-fermented brew from Aying, Bavaria (the actual color is lighter than it looks in the picture). It has a nice flavor reminiscent of the wheat beers that I have reviewed (Franziskaner and Hefeweizen). Unlike those wheat beers, however, this one is filtered (not that the turbidity bothers me). It is only slightly sweet and there is no bitter aftertaste.

Ein gutes Bier, ja?

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budak said...

Wow! They actually have a bottle labelled especially for the export market!

Here's a brewer's blog: http://singbrewer.blogspot.com/

Roger B. said...

I've only tried a couple of different wheat beers. On both occasions I had terrible headaches the morning after, which put me off trying any more!