27 October 2006

Friday nite's beer review: Pyramid Apricot


Ever since I had my first wheat beer back in the spring, I've become a fan of them. Pyramid Apricot is also an unfiltered wheat beer, but in this case, the characteristic wheat beer flavor is accentuated with a nice apricot aroma. I enjoyed this beer with some hazelnuts and chocolate covered pecans. I wish I had another bottle.

Pyramid Apricot is brewed by the Pyramid Breweries and this site has more info about this particular brew.

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budak said...

for some reason, chocolate-covered pecans sounds awful...
the label somehow reminds me of Madonna (the singer)

budak said...

see also beer ad+evolution: http://www.guinness.com/gb_en/ads/current/Evolution_Extra_Cold/advert/

budak said...

More good news for beer fans: http://newswise.com/articles/view/524633/


Now, I'll drink to that news!

Chocolate-covered pecans are quite yummy & they go rather well with all kinds of beer.