04 October 2006

Goodbye little cloud, we hardly knew you


Ever since I read The Cloudspotter’s Guide, I have been paying more attention to clouds. Many cumulus clouds, created by warm and moisture-laden air rising over sun-drenched geological features, such a sunny hill, however, have rather short lifespans. They could be hanging there in the sky one moment and gone the next as this series of photos of a tiny cumulus I took a couple of days ago show.


The entire lifespan of this one was barely 3 minutes. If I had more time I would create a time-lapse video like Henry did over at Webiocosm.


Duane said...

One sunny Sunday afternoon my wife and I set on the sprawling lawn of the Huntington Library here in Southern California watched little clouds like the one you photographed form and dissipate as they one by one moved across the sky. I have often wished that I had taken a picture of them. The next time these little clouds come up for discussion I may just use your pictures. Beautiful.

deniz said...

Yes! My mother and I did just that one day at lunch, sitting on the terrace of our office building - just watching clouds appear and disappear and move across the sky...