05 October 2006

Pictures from high above 5: West Gilgo Beach

I am not too fond of flying, but one thing about flying that I do enjoy is the opportunity to take pictures of landmarks from airplane windows and the challenge to try to identify them later.

Here is a shot I took last June as my flight from Washington D.C. was approaching the JFK Airport in New York from the Sea.


It was easy to find the same place on Google Earth. I rotated the photo from Google Earth (below) so that its orientation is approximately the same as that of my photo. (North is in line with the top edge of the rotated photo.)


It turns out that this is the town of West Gilgo Beach. The map below is from MapQuest. The red star on the left marks the JFK.


Finally, I believe those white objects along what appear to be 2 parallel piers towards the center-left of my photo are docked boats. See the enlarged detail below. Curiously, they seem to be missing in the Google photo.


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clare said...

his is such an interesting comparison. I could look at pictures like this for hours. They are fascinating.

Anonymous said...

the boats are only there in the summer...

Anonymous said...

the boats are docked at tobay beach marina