28 November 2006

Do you have prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness, is an impairment in the recognition of faces. Measure your ability to recognize faces with these 2 face recognition tests.

I got a score of 82% on the Famous Faces Test and 84% on the Old-New Faces Test (those were some mean-looking ugly women). The average test score is said to be 85%.


PBD said...

I got an 84% in the FF and holy cow, 84% in the ON test too! I might have expected an 84 for the first one, but I was expecting a really bad score for the second one. I'm terrible with faces. (or so I thought)

Anonymous said...

i took 100, 93, 96 as scores. Contrarily, i always thought -still do- that i wasnt good at recognizing people. In second and third tests, to me, the faces are chosen from minorities (Indian, Black, Turk, Arab), causing the feeling of criminal file check.


Ralph Hartley said...

Apparently I do have prosopagnosia. I have always had trouble attaching faces to names, but assumed the problem was with the names.

On the new/old test I got a score in the 60s, which is no better than chance. I don't remember what I got on the Famous Faces test, but it wasn't good.

It may be a familial condition. My father complains of dificulty following the plots of movies, but two of my brothers tested normal.

pascal said...

Just going through some old posts to look for snail info. I got 93, 94, 94, and 98 on the famous, old-new, shoes, and car tests.

Shapes and other visual cues haven't usually been hard for me, but attaching names or words to them has. So while I can say "I've seen this snail," I don't always remember its name.

Anonymous said...

wow i did bad

"Out of 72 faces, you correctly identified 40.
In other words, you got 56% correct.

On our previous version of this test, the average person with normal face recognition was able to recognize about 80% of the faces. If you correctly identified less than 65% of the faces, this may indicate face recognition difficulties."

Anonymous said...

I got a 68 on the 1st test and a 38 on the famous faces one. Two people I know took the first one, and got 85s. Yep, I'm faceblind.

Anonymous said...

I got 38% for the normal faces one, 13% for the famous faces.

I recognise people but I can never put the name to the face, always figured it was the names I had trouble with. But i'd never heard of this faceblindness thing until after the first test where it gave me a site to go to, faceblind.org.

I don't think I have it though, i'm reading up on it to find out info.

Anonymous said...

i got zero onn the famous face test. i got obama right on the black and white test. i thought ghandi was cheney (the glasses) and condi rice jack nicholson (the teeth) most i did not know and the few i guessed at were wrong. i guess i have it. i am glad to know why i have a big problem recognizing family members and i had such a time recognizing coworkers.

i did not recognize my sig. other of 27 years in new haven train station as i was not expecting to see him there.

it is worse i would say in the past 20 years. i don't see well anyway. vision keeps me from ever learning to drive a car.
mary j

Anonymous said...

8% in celeb one =(