02 November 2006

Spiderman accepts Islam, kneels down for prayer

Namaz is the name given to each of the 5 prayer sessions a Moslem is required to perform daily. The title of this "book" is "I am learning how to perform namaz".

A joke started by the Turkish parody site Haybe Dergi (Haybe Magazine) claiming that the Turkish government's Religious Affairs Office had published a children's book featuring the Spiderman as a Moslem appears to have created quite a furor.

The original "news" item appeared here featuring excerpts from the interviews with the head of the Religious Affairs Office explaining why they had picked the Spiderman for a book aimed at teaching children how to carry out the daily prayer sessions. Furthermore, it was claimed that the book had been met with disapproval: in New York Spiderman fans had protested the Marvel Comics' apparent endorsement of the book, while in Turkey a religious group had pointed out that because the Spiderman's costume would prevent his forehead from touching the ground, his prayers would not be acceptable.

According to this real news article from 20 October 2006, after one of the regular writers of the daily newspaper Hürriyet mentioned the book, apparently without realizing its true nature, the Religious Affairs Office started receiving so many inquiries about it that they had to issue a statement explaining that there was no such book.

It looks like Spidey won't be fighting the infidel this year.

Note added 23 April 2008: I have just learned that Haybe Dergi ceased publication after the 1st issue (apparently for financial reasons) and closed down its Internet site. The link to the Hürriyet news article is still operational though.


Anonymous said...

LOL Turkish version of a joke using photoshop, a governmental institution, sensitivity of American citizens, and an innocent cartoon character.

Islamic note: there is normally no picture of a living thing in direction (certainly on the place your pray)

I think the depicted spider torso and parts of legs below are borrowed from an amblypygid (whip scorpion)...A taxonomical note ÜMİT KEBAPÇI

Anonymous said...

I thought Spiderman was Jewish...

Ross said...

Nah, he's a Sikh.

naruto episode said...

amazing with black spiderman, very strong with venom power

Anonymous said...

hey this is soo racist man not even funny

baceo said...

we do make this joke: http://trueslant.com/nealungerleider/2010/07/14/superman-captain-america-now-muslim-in-indonesia/