18 December 2006

A blonde spy in Ankara

Zsa Zsa Gabor's first husband (1936-1941) was Burhan Belge (1899-1967), at that time the press director for the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, and later a writer and politician. They lived in Ankara for 5 years. After their divorce, Gabor went to the U.S. and married Conrad Hilton in 1942.

The December issue of the Turkish history magazine Toplumsal Tarih reproduces 3 pages from a once-confidential 4-page report by the U.S. Military Intelligence Division dated 1 January 1944. The report summarizes an interview of sorts conducted with Mrs. Conrad Hilton during which she appears to have provided ("vouchsafed") information on "current events" in Turkey.


There is nothing earth-shattering in the document. In fact, it is rather dull, as exemplified by this statement from the section on the Turkish Army: "The Turkish Army is first, and above all, pro-Turkish". Duh!


At the end of the report it is stated that Mrs. Hilton was "compiling a Who's Who of the personalities whom she knew intimately during her five years stay in Ankara" and that this would be "forwarded as soon as she has finished it". Now, that would perhaps be more interesting to read. I wonder if Mrs. Hilton ever finished it.

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clare said...

I think this has great comic potential. I think if it hasn't been written someone ought to make it up.