31 December 2006

The last tree


Until the early 1980s this was an abandoned farmland with a creek flowing thru it. Then, a small dam was built over the creek and the basin turned into a lake, the Little Seneca Lake. Any trees that got flooded eventually died.

When we first moved to the area almost 15 years ago, the lake was already here. At this spot there was a bunch of dead trees still standing upright. Since then they fell down one by one. And this is the last one left; it is dead, but still surviving, in a sense.

If you look behind and to the left of the tree you can see stumps—what is left of its former companions—sticking out of the water. The little dark specks in the foreground are ducks. Life goes on.

Happy new year!


Eve said...

and Happy News Years to you.

Snail said...

Happy 2007!