11 December 2006

Results of Saturday's attempt at cooking


One thing I like about shopping at the Whole Foods Market is the trays of food they put out for the customers to sample. On a good day, you could easily have a free meal with pieces of fruit, cheese, crackers, dips, small slices of cakes and various prepared foods and even meat or seafood grilled right there while-U-wait. Last Saturday, somebody was serving meatballs and carrots with pistachios and brown sugar that tasted pretty good. The pistachios were quite soft, but the woman behind the table didn't know how they had been cooked.

After I came home, I decided to make my own version. To get the pistachios soften up a bit, I thought I could microwave them in a mug with a little bit of water. I set the microwave for 4 min, but had to stop the process before the time was up, because smoke mixed with smell of something burning, pistachios, to be exact, started filling the kitchen.

During the 2nd trial, I used more water and microwaved for 2 min. The outcome was better. The final product, baby carrots microwaved with pistachios and maple syrup, instead of brown sugar, was quite yummy, although the pistachios were still not as soft as the ones they had in WFM.


And it was a good accompaniment for smoked salmon.

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Nuthatch said...

The first photo looks like deer poop!