17 December 2006

Water closets for the rich and famous


They get quite creative when it comes to coming up with signs for public restrooms in Turkey. Outside the restrooms in the picture above, which I took near the town of Göcek in southwest Turkey in August 1998, Elvis Presley (complete with his guitar) directs the men to the left, while Marilyn Monroe directs the women to the right. Even if you were totally clueless as to who those 2 people were, I suppose you could still figure out which side to go to.

Göcek, being a main harbor for yachts, gets a lot of European tourists. So, one might think that pictures of Elvis and Marilyn on restroom walls would fit in with the crowds, however outdated the 2 of them may be. The picture below, on the other hand, is from the rural town of Beyağaç, also in southwest Turkey. I took the picture last July. I doubt very many foreigners pass thru that town. Nevertheless, the silhouette of a rather classy looking lady adorns the outside of the ladies' room, while that of a dressed up man (complete with his cigarette) is on the men's side. If you waited outside that WC for an entire year (or even longer), you wouldn't see one woman looking anything like the one in the sign pass thru that door.


Incidentally, I wonder if anyone in Beyağaç knows what "WC" stands for.



Roger B. said...

Many years ago I visited a cinema in Oxford (UK) that had 'Pearl' and 'Dean' on the toilet doors.

[For an explanation, see http://business.pearlanddean.com]

Freudian Slip said...

I was at a fancy wedding a few weeks ago, and they referred to the bathroom as a "Water closet", I thought they were joking, shows how high class I am :)