05 January 2007

Amufe yourfelf with fparks

This is from a letter published in 1755 or 1756 in the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions, Volume 49, pages 251-254. The original title is A fhort Account of fome new Aftronomical and Phyfical Obfervations made in Afia; and communicated to Matthew Maty, M.D.F.R.S. by his Excellency Mr. [James] Porter, his Majesty's Ambaffador at Conftantinople, and F.R.S.

The reported observations had been made by someone whose identity Porter did not reveal.

The dry country where men could be made electrical was not identified either, but it was presumably the vicinity of Aleppo, in present day Syria.

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Cindy said...

lolcarpets and beavers??lol