24 January 2007

A failed slug rescue


Early yesterday afternoon a slug, identified as Limax maximus, was found in a semi-conscious state on a cold and dry concrete path. A large stain of shiny dry slime behind it was a poignant reminder of its final struggles. After the initial assessment revealed that the victim was responsive to touch, it was quickly transferred indoors and placed in a petri dish of water on its left side so as not to block its breathing hole. The initial prognosis was considered good, because, as seen in the photo below, the victim could open its breathing hole unassisted.


Subsequently, however, when it was noted that the victim's condition had not improved after several hours of intensive water therapy, it was decided to pull the plug. The victim, who was originally thought to be an illegal alien from Europe, was later determined to be a naturalized citizen of this country. A burial in 70% ethanol is being planned, followed by an exhumation and an autopsy.

Fama semper vivat


ümit said...

Due to desiccation inner organs seems more prominent. Below the pore, there is a purplish spot where traces of the quite massive package for a bisexual illegal immigrant must be seen as yellowish.

Having a skin supported with supportive tissues (fat, connective etc) we cant understand what s snail can feel in many cases. That is after the trigger is freed nothing can be done. Same case if a person burns its skin higher than a certain level.

This guy of third sex, run out of mucus, see that is when he stopped stuggling, and without water flew in a few minutes it couldnt move any longer.

Snail said...

And you didn't try resuscitation? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you attemp mouth to mouth? You could have at least taken it to the Vet!!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww, poor sluggie! nice to know that some people care... once.... p.s. please visit www.natureobserver.piczo.com

Ingrid K said...

I know this is a bit 'off topic' but I just can't help it. How can someone put something of themselves out into the world without making sure that that something is right? Don't people realize that the things they leave behind speak for them when they aren't around to speak for themselves? I proofread my txt msgs. I don't know. Its kinda like leaving the house without checking your look in the mirror first. If I'm going to take the time to say something, then I want what I say to be seriously considered. How can I expect you to thinking about what I whn y Icant tak the time to thinke s bout wat i say?