19 January 2007

Springtail before it sprung away


I saw this little springtail—barely a millimeter long—sitting on a mushroom on a rotting trunk in the woods last weekend. I took 2 photos of it before it deployed its furcula and disappeared into thin air.

More info on springtails (order Collembola) is available here.


bev said...

I've never seen a springtail that looked quite like that. Most that I see are the velvety gray or black ones found on snow, decaying leaves, fungi, or floating on the surface of water.


According to Borror & DeLong's An Introduction to the Study of Insects, the globular springtails are in the family Sminthuridae. The book is from 1971 & the taxonomy may have changed, though.

TAW said...

Holy cow! I've tried to take pictures of springtails, and it's VERY hard. Congrats for the great pic!

Marcus said...

More springtails here: http://flickr.com/photos/artour_a/363581487/