31 January 2007

Tentacle 15

Issue No. 15 of Tentacle, the newsletter of the IUCN/Species Survival Commission, Mollusc Specialist Group is now available (pdf).

This issue features short notes about the native and introduced land snails in the U.S., Romania, China as well as marine and freshwater mollusks. In line with the purpose of the newsletter, all articles have a conservation angle. I have a short note (p. 14) on the interaction of the native U.S. slug Philomycus carolinianus with the introduced Arion subfuscus.

Tentacle, edited by Robert Cowie of the University of Hawaii, comes out once a year, usually in January and it is now distributed almost exclusively over the Internet. It's been in color since 2006. All past issues of Tentacle are available here.

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