16 January 2007

Yesterday's find


Taking advantage of another spring-like day in the middle of the winter, I spent almost 2 hours wandering in the woods yesterday. This deer skull was one of the highlights of the day.

It is an almost perfect specimen with 2 complete rows of teeth (the bottom jaw is missing, of course). It is also quite clean mostly because it was not directly on the ground, but was resting on a fallen log as you can see in the picture. However, it has a peculiar permeating sulfurous smell. Brushing it with window cleaner, which contains isopropyl alcohol and some detergent didn't help. I am going to soak it in hydrogen peroxide tonite.



Roger B. said...

Nice find!

By the way, congratulations on being chosen for "The Open Laboratory".


Thanks. Fame at last. I am hoping fortune will follow.

ümit said...

Nice find, congradulations also lab (about which i know nothing :))

TRAW said...

Interesting... any idea of the cause of death? It seems kind of fishy that it was lying there. Did you find any other bones? Usually when I find a skull it's on the ground, partially covered with leaves/dirt, and there are other bones in the vicinity.


Bones usually just lie there, because they get moved around by scavangers, although I do find carcasses occasionally). I suspect this skull had also been brought there by a scavanger. The deer must have died recently, because the skull is in a very good condition.

bev said...

Beautiful skull. Most that I find are in rather poor condition.
Congrats on the "Open Laboratory"!