08 February 2007

Basteria, vol. 70. Nos. 4-6

The latest issue of Basteria, the scientific journal of the Netherlands Malacological Society (or is the Dutch Malacological Society?), arrived in yesterday's mail. As usual, there are several interesting articles that kept me busy in the train during today's commute to and from work.

One article, by Verdcourt, describes 2 new taxa of land snails from Madagascar. One of them is Kalidos dupuyi with a relatively large (diameter: 28.5 mm) shell of 7.5 whorls. The picture below from Verdcourt's article shows 2 individuals mating. This is the typical mating position of land snails with wide shells. The arrow (my addition) is pointing at what was probably the penis of one of the snails.

Although I usually don't pay much attention to papers on marine snails, the one by Garilli & Galletti on Cerithium lividulum and C. renovatum from the Mediterranean was quite informative. The shells of these 2 species are apparently quite variable and difficult to tell apart from their teleoconch (adult shell) sculptures. However, the SEM photographs in the paper show that the protoconchs (larval shells) of the 2 species are distinct from each other.

Another paper on marine snails, this one by Rolán & Hernández, describes several species from Mauritania and Senegal. The interesting thing about them is that some are tiny: the holotype of one species, Eatonina ordofasciarum (picture below), is only 1.0 mm high. Miniaturization in snails was the topic of some old posts of mine here and here.

The holotype (7) and 2 paratypes (8, 9) of Eatonina ordofasciarum.

Among the other articles there is one about a giant squid that was captured in the North Sea, another one about a new land snail species, Lindbergia garganoensis, from Italy that marks the first record of the genus outside of Greece and also a short note by Gittenberger & Menkhorst that provides some nomenclatural clarifications for 3 species of enid land snails (family Enidae) of Turkey.

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