16 February 2007

A contractile snail

lycaonicaWhen I found this snail, a Chondrula lycaonica from Turkey, in its container, the snail's body was about one and ¾ of a whorl behind the aperture. I wasn't sure if it was still alive. So after I took its picture, I put in a shallow dish of water. Some time later, the snail came out.

The picture evinces that this snail's shell is oversized, that is, it has much more than enough space to contain its body.

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Tim Pearce said...

When the snail is dehydrated, the shell is larger than needed to contain the snail's body, but when the snail is hydrated, the shell is the correct size (or even possibly too small). So I would NOT use the word oversized without giving the context. The shell must be large enough to accommodate the snail in all situations, not just when it is dehydrated.


Yes, but the snail may not have been dehydrated in this case. Its container was not dry & the other 2 snails that were in it were active. I put the snail in water to force it out of its shell.