12 February 2007

Deer skeleton


The weekend's most exciting discovery was a deer skeleton by a small creek not too far from my house. From the condition of the skeleton it appeared that the deer had died sometime in the fall. There were clumps of fur on the ground; the vertebrae were still attached to each other and the ribs were sticking up; the skull was partially covered by a dried piece of skin.


Rarely do I come across a deer skull complete with bottom jaws. This particular specimen, with the bottom jaws still attached, would make a nice addition to my collection. But the removal of the skin stuck to the top of the skull and any other tissue remains that may be on the inside would require a major—and stinky—cleaning operation that I don't intend to undertake.

I will check up on it occasionally. Perhaps I will have a chance to recover the skull intact once it is a bit cleaner.

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bev said...

A couple of years ago, we found two moose heads that had been tossed into the brush alongside a marsh. Similar problem -- a lot of flesh and skin remaining. We left them where we found them. In retrospect, we probably should have taken them to a friend who keeps dermestids.