06 February 2007

Miserably cold

This morning at 7:45, outside the back door the mercury, or, rather, the alcohol was at -14°C (~7 °F).


Yet right inside the glass door in the sun, the plant with the funny name, Doronicum Little Leo (Doronicum orientale), has put up a flower. First we thought it was a dandelion that had sneaked into the pot, but then I realized it was indeed a Doronicum flower. Doronicum is actually an outdoor plant and this particular one was out in the backyard until the end of last summer when it started to look like it was about to expire. I transplanted it into a pot and then when the weather started to get cold, brought it indoors. It has recovered nicely.


We have to think positive thoughts to stay warm on a day like this. If Doronicum is flowering, the spring must be around the corner.

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