02 February 2007

Not so modern conchology, but fully digitized nevertheless

A recent post at A Snail’s Eye View was about the conchology book Edgar Allan Poe wrote, or rather plagiarized.

Hoping to find a digitized copy of Poe’s book, I searched Google Books, but came out empty handed. There are, however, a whole bunch of 19th century conchology books Google has scanned and most of which are undoubtedly more original than the one Poe put together.

I am providing a partial list only. If you want more, try searching Google Books for "full view books" using any combination of keywords that you might think would be relevant to conchology or malacology. One cautionary statement about Google Books: you will notice that they don’t seem to have a very good quality control system; occasionally there are missing, misplaced or poorly scanned pages.

General conchology; or, A description of shells, arranged according to the Linnean system. By William Wood. Published 1815.

The elements of modern conchology: briefly and plainly stated, for the use of students and travellers. By William Swainson. Published 1835.

Mollusca: Elements of conchology: prepared for the use of schools and colleges. Prepared by W.S.W. Ruschenberger from the text of Henri Milne-Edwards & Achille Comté. Published 1843.
Incidentally, this appears to be the scan of the personal copy of the American malacologist (conchologist?) Henry Hemphill. His name was stamped on some pages.

Natural history. Mollusca By Philip Henry Gosse. Published 1854.

The Complete Writings of Thomas Say, on the Conchology of the United States. By Thomas Say & William Greene Binney. Published 1858.

British conchology, or An account of the mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas. Vol. 1 Land and Freshwater shells. By John Gwyn Jeffreys. Published 1862.

A plain and easy account of the land and fresh-water mollusks of Great Britain. By Ralph Tate. Published 1866.

Structural and Systematic Conchology: An Introduction to the Study of the Mollusca. Vol. 1. By George Washington Tryon. Published 1882.

Happy downloading!

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Snail said...

Fantastic find, Aydin! Thank you for posting the links to these classic works.