10 March 2007

A beautiful bunch of ripe bananas


Of the two 33 rpm records1 that I still have, one is Harry Belafonte’s Calypso from 1956. Mine is, however, a reissue from much later; I bought it for $5.49 in 1984. If I am remembering it correctly, I was out on a date with my wife-to-be and we had stopped at a record store where Belafonte’s album was among the many others on sale. I had always liked Belafonte’s songs and at that time I had a roommate who had a record player. Now, I don’t have the means to play records anymore and Belafonte's record just sits there as a memento of bygone days.

Speaking of bygone days, the BBC News has an interview with Belafonte who speaks about his lifelong fight against racism. It’s too bad that at the end, he leaves the impression of an angry and bitter 80-year old man.

1The other is a Steve Reich album the story of which I told here.

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eylon said...

For some youngsters, these records are prehistory. My niece, who turned 18 last year, was amazed to discover that she can flip the record over, thus doubling the amount of music in one piece of plastic.