15 March 2007

Christmas Dip

Around Christmas last year I noticed that the number of visitors I was getting to Snail's Tails had gone down. After Christmas, the visitor counts recovered and have been slowly going up ever since. The graph from StatCounter confirms this trend with the red arrow marking the Christmas Dip in the numbers of visitors.


Why did the number of visitors go down during Christmas? I suspect this had something to do with the fact that most of my visitors come from the U.S. (Example stats here.) The only reason for the Christmas Dip I can think of is that during that time people must have been too busy with Christmas-related activities to read blogs. There was no comparable dip around Thanksgiving, however.

Did other bloggers experience a similar drop in visitors during Christmas?


John said...

I had a dramatic dip around Christmas. For two or three days, my traffic was about half of what it normally is. I have also had dips around Thanksgiving and three-day weekends, but they are not nearly as dramatic.

Ken said...

It appears that most people read blogs etc during the week, possibly, dare I say it, while they are at work. Note the decrease every weekend. Of course with a blog, teh access will depend on when the posts are made, but I have noticed with a photo site that the same pattern occurs.

Duane said...

Yes, I saw exactly the same thing both this year and last. I also saw a bit of summer dip.

burning silo said...

I noticed the same at Christmas... a few slow days. I've also noticed the same thing that Ken has -- my blog stats drop a bit on weekends. The highest days of the week usually seem to be Wednesday and Thursday.