06 March 2007

Fridge magnets & the things they are holding up

This is a meme Snail at A Snail's Eye View started. (Oh, so this is how memes are born.) The original title was "Fridge magnets", but it is inevitable that the discussion will be as much about the magnets as about the things they are fastening to the refrigerator door.


Ours being a house with 2 cats, there are several cat related magnets and clippings. The cartoon held up by the snowman magnet is about cats, while the card behind the sleeping cat magnet is a reminder for a dental appointment I have in April. The sleeping cat magnet is from our vet. The green magnet at the top has the phone number for the National Capital Poison Center.

And then we have the menus from 3 of our favorite restaurants. The card that reflected the light from the flash, and which is obviously too small to contain a menu, is from Mykonos Grill, a good Greek restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. Caspian House of Kabob is a local Persian restaurant, while the Lemon Tree under the Coca Cola magnet is a relatively new Turkish restaurant in Twinbrook, Maryland.

And the little brown thing headed towards the plate of some yummy Greek food? Why, that is my very own homemade snail magnet!


John said...

I like that snail magnet. I doubt many people have something like that on their fridge.

Snail said...

Take away menus ... that's what my fridge is missing. Too many plumbers, not enough pizza.