22 March 2007

Is this what progressive Canadians read (and believe)?

The rather peculiar publication The Canadian, which labels itself "Canada's new socially progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper", is reporting that a Puerto Rican woman named Milagros Garcia is "an alleged Alien and Human inter-species* hybrid". And the "scientific evidence" for this claim is that the woman's "blood DNA" (is that different than the DNA from other parts of her body?) was said to be very rare by an unidentified "Doctor".

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Are they saying that extraterrestrial aliens have independently evolved a DNA-based genetic information storage system that can successfully hybridize with human DNA? That would be truly amazing in light of the fact that on earth we can't hybridize with chimps, our evolutionarily closest relatives.

(Original link via the Anomalist.)

*Hybrids can only be between different species, so "inter-species hybrid" is a redundant phrase.

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Gilles Arbour said...

Canadian eh? We also have His Sanctity Rael in Quebec who speaks and meet regularly with the Elohims somewhere on an astral plane. He is setting up an Embassy for these extra-terrestrial beings. Maybe one of them is the father of that lady. We do live in exciting times here in Canada! Lol...