21 March 2007

Land snails of Turkey: Xerocrassa cretica

The land snail Xerocrassa cretica (family Hygromiidae) has already appeared on this blog twice: first, the live snail and then its penis. We had collected that snail along with several empty shells during our 2004 survey of the Dilek Peninsula in western Turkey. I spent several months studying, dissecting, photographing and writing about them and the resulting manuscript just came out in No. 15 of Triton, the Journal of the Israel Malacological Society. You can download the pdf copy of the paper from here.


Most hygromiid snails are difficult to identify because their shells are variable while lacking easily noticeable characteristics. Usually, live specimens are necessary to dissect, although, as you will read in my paper, even their genitalia tend to be variable, which further complicates their identification and taxonomy.

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