14 March 2007

A monster in Lake Van?

It seems that most large lakes on earth have a resident monster and Lake Van in eastern Turkey is no exception. The Lake Van monster first surfaced in the mid-1990s and has since been seen by many and captured, as is always the case, only on poor quality photographs. (Here is a 1997 CNN article with a video footage.)


Yesterday, the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported yet another sighting of the Lake Van monster, this time by the crew of a ferry boat running between Van on the east coast of the lake and Tatvan on the west coast. The crew spotted what was, according to their description, a very fast object approaching them from 2 (nautical) miles away and started wondering what a speed boat would be doing in the lake "at this hour" (the newspaper, however, didn’t bother to mention the time of the sighting). Then, the crew decided that it was the monster that they were seeing and described the "creature" as resembling a "very large whale". They attempted to photograph it with their cell phone cameras, but because of the “perpendicular rays of sunlight”, couldn’t obtain sharp images. There is no mention of if any passengers on the boat also saw the monster.

According to an article in the 27 November, 2006 edition of Milliyet, another Turkish newspaper, the "real monster" in the lake is pollution. Milliyet reports that the lake has been extensively polluted with apparently untreated sewage from the coastal towns and industrial wastes from the many nearby manufacturing plants.

The residents of Van have nothing to fear; if there is a monster in Lake Van it will soon drown in their wastes.

The statue of the Lake Van monster from Wikipedia.


manvan said...

I wonder if people in 21 centure still believe in monsters?

Man Van said...

It seems that the Loch Ness monster is not alone. I don't belive in that kind of monsters but I know who tourist companies will take advantage of this storie.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have seen the Denstination Truth Video. It is still inconclusive! The Turkish Video of the monster is so fake! The bubbles are rediculous! But, on the otherhand, the experiences of there team were a bit un-nerving. So, the jury is still out! I would tend to believe Josh and his team, more over the Turkish film!