24 March 2007

Olympus Master 2.0

When I bought my Olympus E-500 in December 2005, it came with Olympus's image manipulation software Olympus Master version 1.41. I tried it for a few months, but wasn't quite happy with it and stopped using it. It was much faster to download pictures from the camera to my computer by simply copying and pasting them. The RAW image software on Olympus Master was also slow and there was no way to compare an image before and after it was adjusted.

An e-mail that came from Olympus yesterday announced the availability of the version 2.0 of Olympus Master. The links on the Olympus website were, however, not operational until this morning when I finally downloaded and installed version 2.0.

The new version appears to be much faster than the older one I had, but I can't make a direct comparison, because now I have also a new and much faster computer. The version 2.0 is compatible with Vista, which is what I have on my new machine and so far I haven't had any problems.

The RAW image software is much improved and easier to use. Unlike the earlier version, one can now adjust "tone curve", "gamma" and correct for distortion introduced by wide angle lenses. It is also possible to crop a RAW image or insert text in it. The earlier version also lacked these 2 functions.

Moreover, one can now view both the original and the adjusted version of an image simultaneously. This will make RAW image processing much easier and more fun.

When working with a RAW image file in Olympus Master 2.0, the left panel shows the original, while the right panel is the adjusted image. In this example, the right panel is the color corrected version of the original on the left. The ability to compare with the original makes it easier and more efficient to adjust the qualities of an image.


Anonymous said...

I cant find the download link for Olympus Master version 2, can you provide a link or more info on what exactly you downloaded?


Olympus Master 2.0