05 March 2007

Saturday nite's uninvited guest


It was late Saturday nite, I was in the basement struggling to understand an old German article about some Turkish snails. Out of the blue, or perhaps, out of the desk lamp this tiny beetle fell on the paper. I quickly imprisoned it under the lid of a petri dish. Carrying it carefully, I forced my way thru the heaps of fungi and piles of decaying vegetation to my photography table for a shooting session.

tinybeetle3The beetle was just about 2 mm long. Later I posted 2 of the photos at BugGuide. By early Sunday morning, it had already been identified as a silken fungus beetle (order Coleoptera, family Cryptophagidae). According to Borror & DeLong (An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 3rd. ed.), they feed on fungi and decaying vegetation. Perhaps the basement needs a good spring cleaning.

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Snail said...

As long as they're not bibliophagous ...