09 March 2007

The snails I missed


Among the creatures I saw in the woods one nite last September was this spider on a wet, moss-covered wall. I hadn't looked at the picture carefully until a couple of days ago when I was actually considering deleting it. But then, something in the full-blown picture on the monitor caught my eye: a tiny snail next to the spider's leg. Then I spotted another snail on the other side of the spider's leg and a 3rd one elsewhere in the picture.


I don't remember how big the spider was, but I guess it was probably about 1 to 2 cm across. So, the snails must have been tiny. The one above the spider's leg may have been a juvenile Euconulus, while the others may have been Punctum minutissimum or even younger Euconulus.

Now that I know these snails come out on wet and warm nites to crawl on that wall, I will be going back there to specifically look for them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photograph, it always pays to look carefully, as you never know what you will find! I think however that all three snails are Punctum, the shape of the whorls and sutures don't look quite right for Euconulus.