20 April 2007

An afternoon with American Indians

I spent most of the afternon today with a friend at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

The museum's building is quite impressive from the outside.


Less noticeable from the outside, while visually very pleasing on the inside is a great concentric dome underneath which are the stairs.


One of the exhibited items that attracted my interest was this Sioux dress from circa 1910. It is covered with cowry shells and small American flags.

Indian Museum3

Cowries are marine snails. According to the legend that accompanied this dress and a few others likewise decorated with sea shells, the Indians obtained the cowry shells from the Europeans.


The museum's cafetaria serves almost exclusively American Indian dishes. One day we will go back there for lunch.

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John said...

As museum cafeterias go, the one at the Indian Museum is quite good.