02 April 2007

Off to Florida

autotrain This afternoon we are leaving for Florida for a week. We are taking Amtrak's Auto Train, which is scheduled to leave Lorton, Virginia at 4 this afternoon and will arrive, after some delays, I am sure, at Sanford, Florida tomorrow morning. Then, we will have a 2.5-hour drive to our final destination, northwest of Tampa.

Sadly, the main purpose of our trip is to visit a terminally ill relative. But, there will be plenty of time for snail watching and photographing and data collecting. I am after the species that live at the borderline between the sea and the land, including Cerithidea scalariformis, Batillaria minima, Truncatella, the ellobiids and the littorinids.

The car is packed with stuff; besides the clothing and the other marginally important items, there is a big tool box full of snail collecting and studying gear, photo equipment, buckets, books, a big paper bag full of food (we heard that food is scarce down in Florida) and the laptop. The latter will hopefully let me continue to post on the blog.

But if you don't see any new posts for a few days, don't panic, don't pray (it won't help), don't dial 911, just go out and take a walk. I will return within a week.


deniz said...

what kind of food is unavailable in Florida?

John said...

If I don't see any posts from you, I will assume that you are still on the train.


>what kind of food is unavailable in Florida?

Chocolate covered pecans!

But I did find a beer I had not seen in Maryland: Smithwick's Irish Ale.

John said...

I think I have seen (and sampled) Smithwick's in D.C., but I do not remember what establishment has it.