16 April 2007

Squeeze me a Meyer lemon


This interesting fruit, the Meyer lemon, a hybrid of lemon and some sort of orange, has apparently been known in the U.S. since the early 20th century, but I had not heard of it until yesterday. Neither did my wife knew about it. How do you explain that?

The Meyer lemon is named after Frank N. Meyer, a.k.a. Frans Nicholas Meijer (1875-1918), a USDA employee who discovered it in China.

Frank N. Meyer on the trail of the elusive Meyer lemon. Photo from USDA.

The Meyer lemon is sweeter than an ordinary lemon and has a nice, strong, spicy aroma. I have discovered that its juice mixed with a little bit of Bacardi Gold rum and some tropical fruit juice, such as pineapple, makes a great cocktail.



More info about Frank N. Meyer with photographs and documents from his Asian expeditions are at this USDA site.

Aother post on Meyer lemon is here.

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burning silo said...

I've know about Meyer lemons for awhile, but had never seen them in the stores here in Ontario until a couple of months ago. They came prepackaged in a bag of about a half-dozen. I like sour fruit, so found them quite nice for eating just sliced in half like an orange. Quite a bit sweeter than a regular lemon.