25 April 2007

Turtles' landing


Last Saturday morning in nearby Seneca Creek State Park a fallen tree provided a sunning platform for a group of turtles. It looked like they were representing several generations.


They appear to be red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans). Note the red patch behind the eye of the large turtle in the front.

Many of the partially submerged logs in Lake Clopper had turtles on them. Some of the turtles were surprisingly tolerant of me, and as you can see in the picture below, even let me get on the same log they were on. Unfortunately, I didn't have a longer lens with me.

Yours truly photographing another bunch of turtles (is there a specific name for a group of turtles?). Photo by Hopededik.


Marcus said...

tis a bale of turtles!

Clare said...

We used to keep one of these as a pet. We called him Herod because he ate little baby terrapins. His favourite activity was balancing on half a coconut shell underneath the light bulb. He probably imagined he was sunning himself on a log like his cousins in the wild. If you got your fingers to close he would try to give you a vicious nip.

deniz said...

'Tis indeed a bale!