15 May 2007

Explorer risks death, returns home safely

ölüm tehlikesi

Here I am about 10 days ago in southwestern Turkey carelessly leaning on some sort of electrical box that warns passersby of an increased risk of death that may arise from fooling around with it. I was only trying to get some good shots of swallows at their nests for the readers of Snail's Tales. I survived with only slight tingling sensations between my legs. Disappointingly, the experience didn't even come close to spending a few seconds in Woody Allen's orgasmatron.

Risk of electrocution from that box was probably quite negligible compared to my now increased risk of getting cancer or some other nasty disease from the amount of 2nd hand smoke I was exposed to while in Turkey. Alas, the Turks still haven't learned that smoking is not a good thing.

I will post the swallows' pictures some other time after I recover from my mild case of jet lag (that's why I am writing this at 5:45 in the morning).

(Thanks to Ümit Kebapçi for the picture.)

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Duane said...

Welcome home!