21 May 2007

Ümit and his scorpion - 2nd episode

Our friend Ümit Kebapçı is supposed to be a malacologist, but whenever we are in the field he seems to spend more time collecting spiders, centipedes, scorpions and the like. A post from last summer featured him and a scorpion he had found.

During our last collecting trip together in Turkey a few weeks ago he found this large scorpion under a rock. He said it was an Iurus asiaticus.


It is amazing how much biodiversity was hidden under the rocks both in forests as well as exposed fields we visited in Turkey. We saw all sorts of arthropods, worms, snails, of course, and even a large frog. The latter will be the subject of a future post.

1 comment:

umit said...

I accept disoriented tag in some ways. Kind of a monkey's appetite to name. But i believe i dont kill what i dont need.

It was a male to record and biggest scorp in the region (this male was minute specimen).

Another thing, all the diversity can be found in the alpine belt of Mediterranean. So does the climate has nothing to do with distribution at all? I often ask to myself.