31 May 2007

Stop for the cat


This cat graffiti and the 2 similar ones in the previously posted photo were adorning a railroad overpass in College Park last week. They will be there until a maintenance crew comes along and paints over them. The people in charge of such affairs always seem to be determined to remove graffiti from everywhere and apparently believe that it is justifiable to spend their resources on such trivial matters. You can see some of the now painted-over former graffiti in the picture. I think a wall with patches of gray paint is infinitely uglier than one with colorful graffiti. Anyway.

A reader commenting on the previous photo wrote that this particular design was based on the work of the cat artist Louis Wain. I am not familiar with Wain's work, so I'll leave the judgment to others. There are some examples of Wain's cat paintings here.

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