28 June 2007

Dawkins and the wishy-washy god

Snippets from Richard Dawkins' recent interview with the Guardian's Alok Jha:

When you talk to people like bishops...they look to me as though they don't really believe in a supernatural being... The sort of god that they believe in seems to be so wishy-washy, so sort of undefinable, so hard to get your hands on, sort of slips out of your face like a slippery bar of soap.

You do your science separately, but when it comes to faith, you suddenly switch off all your questioning faculties.

I think they
[the bishops] are wrong...but I don't think they are insane.

If you disagree with something, then what you do is you come back and argue. You don't say "Oh, I feel insulted"; you argue...Religion has carved out for itself a special protected niche where instead of arguing it says "I am insulted or I am offended". I think that offense is what people take when they can't take an argument. It's a kind of last resort.

My interest in religion is actually a scientific interest...The fundamental question of religion, which is does god exist?, is a scientific question.

In America science is under attack from the right, which pretty much means the religious right.

Download the podcast of the interview here.

Disclaimer: The text presented here is my transcription from the podcast and may contain errors.


eylon said...

I highly recommend all those who wish to enlarge their knowledge in natural history & evolution, to read Richard Dawkins' book "the blind watchmaker".
It is not an easy reading book, yet it brainstormed my mind and wildly cleared my thinking.


I agree with almost everything Dawkins says, but, for some reason, I don't like his books. I could never finish reading the Blind Watchmaker.