25 June 2007

Don't go beyond the pink door!


Here I go again, getting myself into another Ölüm Tehlikesi situation for the sake of a photo-op. Like the previous one, this sign was also warning fools like me of imminent danger to life from high-voltage electrical machinery, in this case hidden behind a pink door.

The picture was taken at a university in Turkey last May. I won't post the photographer's name, who is affiliated with the school, in case what we did violated some rules and regulations, although the door wasn't even locked. Besides, it was painted pink! How can one take a pink door seriously regardless of how grave a danger may be lurking behind it?

And yes, that is the hat that makes me look like a scientist.


John said...

Aside from being pink, that door does not have much of a latch on it.

TinyPixi said...

I think maybe the warning sign should have been slightly more imposing too!! And yes,a pink door is just asking to be walked through!! :)