17 June 2007

Frog legs for lunch

My uncle loved fishing. Although we, his 2 sons and I, never developed much of an enthusiasm for angling, we would occasionally tag along with him. During one such trip many, many years ago in the countryside outside of Ankara, Turkey, my cousin Metin and I got some fishing gear and gave it a try. But instead of fish, Metin and I kept pulling large frogs out of the creek. Then, one of us had a bright idea: why not eat the frogs for lunch? My uncle had no objections (he was a cool guy).

Metin with one of the luckless frogs that became our lunch.

I don't want to try to remember how we killed the poor frogs before we chopped off their legs. We skinned the legs, skewered them on sticks and then roasted them over an open fire, while my uncle was cooking the stew he had prepared with the fish he had caught.


The roasted frog legs did taste good (like chicken?). Since then, I've had frog legs once, in a restaurant in New York several years ago. Those were a disappointment.

Would I eat them again? If I were starving in the wilderness somewhere I would, if I could catch them. But I wouldn't eat them in a restaurant, especially if they were wild-caught frogs. Do they have frog farms?

Yours truly in his underwear recovering one of the fish that had gotten tangled in the reeds. I think it was a trout.

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