06 June 2007

A mummy on the sidewalk


I saw this thing on the sidewalk yesterday. I was about to step over it thinking it was just another piece of lifeless debris when I realized it was not an ordinary piece of lifeless debris, but an ex-frog, a tiny dried-up lifeless frog. It was being ignored even by the ants. I couldn't have ignored it. So I photographed it. My finger provides a scale.

The closest pond was across the street about 50 m away. It presumably came from there. But how?

Surprisingly, today, about a day later, it was still at the same spot. It was obviously not yet ready to return to life.



Melissa said...

You always post the best pictures. :D



umit said...

I think it is a young frog emerged from the nearest pond. Hot summers can make such mummies

Michaelangeloh said...

Adventures in young frog dangers I'd very well say.Ended bad for yet another out of its element creature.