22 June 2007

A primitive wingless insect from the bedroom

Among the many arthropods we willingly share our home with are the so-called silverfish of the order Thysanura. We leave them alone and in return, they provide me with occasional opportunities to photograph them.

This individual was about 10 mm long.

"They are odorless and harmless, and serve to remind us of how ephemeral we are-and how ephemeral our books and records are, for silverfish live on the sizing of paper and the bindings of books. I keep my American Scientist in the attic for the silverfish to eat, although I have heard that they do equally well on Playboy or The Watchtower."
Howard Ensign Evans, Life on a Little-known Planet, 1968


xoggoth said...

Very different to the ones we have in the UK which make the name Silverfish more apt. Less visible legs and they really are silver, looking like tiny fast moving sardines. See if I can get a pic on my USB microscope.

umit said...

Great photo!

vanessa cardui said...

As a child, I would lie in bed listening to the silverfish feeding on the back of the Lord of the Rings poster that covered the wall next to my bed.


You could actually hear them?! Boy, you must have had either very sensitive ears or an army of silverfish.