20 June 2007

Spreadsheet spread out


I have been working on a distribution list of the endemic land snails of Turkey. The list, a 45-page Excel file, will eventually form the basis of a talk I will be presenting at the upcoming World Congress of Malacology in Belgium as well as a manuscript, I hope.

Yesterday, I decided to go over the data to make sure everything had been entered correctly and accounted for. But it was difficult to go back and forth between the pages on the computer screen, so I decided to print the file out.

It turned out that a 45-page hardcopy of a spreadsheet was a real pain in the butt to manipulate. First, I had to align and loosely tape all the pages together. Then, I needed a wide enough space to lay the entire collection of pages out. I considered taping it on a wall, but, at the end, settled for the dining table.

I think it would have been easier to go back and forth between the pages on the computer screen.

1 comment:

Duane said...

Have you considered a much smaller font and a microscope? Or perhaps a larger dining room table and a hydraulic left to hold you over it would work. There are always tradeoffs in this life.