02 July 2007

16 8 random facts about me

I have been tagged with this meme twice, first by Clare Dudman from Keeper of the Snails and then by Snail from A Snail's Eye View. I guess I should have come up with 16 random facts about myself, but I barely have time for 8 now.

Besides, I have already disclosed some secrets and concise facts about myself before. Here are 8 more.

1. When I was 9 or 10, a girl about my age lived on our street. One day we secretly exchanged drawings of our genitals. I was disappointed when I could make no sense of what she'd drawn.

2. In the late 1970s for about 3 years I smoked a pipe. I don't smoke anymore, but I still have the pipe in a box somewhere. Here is the only picture known to me that shows me with a pipe in my mouth. I also had long hair and a funny beard on my chin.


3. I've never read a complete work of either Shakespeare or Dickens. And I don't think I ever will.

4. My wife is a 2nd generation Greek-American. She only knows a few words of Greek, though.

5. I've had a beard, this time covering most of my lower face, since the summer of 1995. It's been turning white slowly (here's a recent photo of me wearing a giant ring).

6. I stopped reading newspapers around 1995 and watching TV around 2001. Now I get my daily news from the Internet.

7. I subscribe to the New Scientist and Archaeology and pick up a free copy of the Onion ("America's Finest News Source") every Thursday from the box outside the College Park Metro station.

8. I love to eat chocolate-covered marzipan and almond butter mixed with maple syrup. One day I would like to figure out why marzipan and almond butter have such different colors and flavors even though they are both made from almonds.

If you are reading this post consider yourself tagged and tell us 8 things, random or otherwise, about yourself!


umit said...

I can only think of 8 resembling yours:

1- At similar age i was slapped by a girl at the face for a misaddresed hair pull. I think since then i am not friends with girls.

2-I only smoke only few secs when i was a very little boy.

3-Same here.

4-Hmmm, word 'wife'. Is it Greek :)?

5-I think at your age my hair will turn all grey, but now they are ok with no whites.

6-I seldomly watch TV but dont read newspapers, aaand i don't like having daily 'bad' news in the morning.

7-I cannot recognize anything similar

8-Normally i don't eat read meat, rather prefer chicken and fish. But contraversially the only item that i love deeply is local 'etliekmek' and it is made of meat.


Poor Ümit. You should find that "girl" & apologize to her. Maybe then will the spell she put on you be broken.

umit said...

I faintly remember the event, maybe it hurt i dont know. Girls that age may be quite strong :). But i wish i could pass the slap to the boy behind me. We dont need to be friends with girls and it is not possible at least not after the age 11 here. My friendship concept is like being 'buddies', as you see being that close with a girl reflects some potential to both sides, and the complex chemistry of that air is not for me.

burning silo said...

I'll give this a shot:

1.) I used to keep a herd of 30 dairy goats and made cheese, ice cream and such with the milk.

2.) I'm a vegetarian, but do eat dairy products.

3.) A long while ago, I worked in an auto wrecking yard for about 3 years, and before that, I repaired car radiators in my dad's repair shop.

4.) I generally read magazines back to front.

5.) I was blonde while a kid and teenager, but my hair gradually turned dark and is very dark now - and no, I don't dye it.

6.) I wear men's plaid boxer shorts almost everywhere I go from spring through late fall, and occasionally in early winter until it snows.

7.) I probably haven't read newspapers or watched television for at least as long as you, Aydin - I've been reading news on the net for quite some time and I think I built my first website (about canoes) back in 1994 -- it was one of the only websites about canoes on the net back then.

8.) I didn't go to university until I was in my 30s, and have degrees in literature and art history (but now wish I had studied biology instead)