09 July 2007

Favorite sentences from other blogs

Nuthatch at Bootstrap Analysis came up with this idea of posting a good sentence or two from posts at other blogs and I stole it from her shamelessly.

From Abnormal Interests:

Moveable type may have had a role in increasing literacy but don't forget underwear.

From a post at the Beagle Project Blog about the statue of Thomas Henry Huxley at the Natural History Museum in London:

Here he is: looking fairly ferocious. His left hand (out of shot) is clenched into a fist and it looks like he's about to leap from his seat and stick one on a passing creationist.

From The Other 95%:

Nothing makes me more happier than collecting specimens.


Roger B. said...

Great idea - I may steal it myself!

Nuthatch said...

Imitation, flattery, etc. At least I know I've left an impression somewhre.

Kevin Z said...

Thanks for the highlight! I think I will steal this idea as well and it may evolve to favorite quotes from papers, starting with your Idylla description!
"Penis without caecum, about three times longer than vagina"

Gotta love herms