11 July 2007

Mailbox robin

mailbox robin

An American robin (Turdus migratorius) has built a nest within the confines of the honeysuckle covering our mailbox. Everytime someone approaches the mailbox the poor bird flies away to the nearest tree. Today, I had to disturb it to take these pictures.

robin on tree

While she eyed me suspiciously from afar, I lifted the camera above the nest and blindly took a picture of the inside: 3 eggs.

robin nest

According to All About Birds, the robin eggs' incubation time is 12-14 days. We first noticed this bird about a week ago. So we may have another week or so before the babies arrive.

First update is here and the end of the story is here.


Roger B. said...

Here in the UK, the robin (Erithacus rubecula) has a habit of nesting inside mailboxes.

xoggoth said...

Had to let my intended bonfire hang around for a month last year due to a robin nesting in the pile. Wasted my time, no sooner had they hatched and a cat/fox ate them. They are not terribly bright about their choice of nesting place.