08 July 2007

A milestone


Our 1988 Toyota Corolla reached 150,000 miles yesterday afternoon.

I had resolved to drive this car until this particular mileage. Now, I won't feel guilty buying a new one.


Anonymous said...

You should e-mail this to Toyota. Not know the laws in your state, but it should soon qualify for a "historic car" tag. :)
You think it will run to 200,000?


It would run to 200,000, but first it would need some engine overhaul; on wet, cold days it has a tendency to stall. It also needs a new muffler, but I have no intention of getting one at this point. Since after it turned about 100,000, we stopped taking care of the outside. There are some rusted holes towards the underside.

Wanna to buy it?

Roger B. said...

I notice that the speedo is pointing to 0mph. Did you stop in the middle of the freeway to take this picture?



I would have, but I didn't have to. Actually, the honor of driving the 149999th mile was my wife's & it happened as she was approaching our house.

deniz said...

"Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Although these changes have come,
With your chrome heart shining in the sun,
Long may you run."

(word verification: hquopf)

coturnix said...

That sounds promising - I just bought a new Corolla.

Anonymous said...

this car is reliable, i've made it to 257,890 miles on mine and its still going strong