14 July 2007

Off to Belgium

The 16th World Congress of Malacology, incorporating the 73rd annual meeting of the American Malacological Society, will be in Antwerp, Belgium 15 thru 20 July 2007.

I am leaving this afternoon for Belgium. The symposium I organized, Zoogeography of the non-marine mollusks of the eastern Mediterranean, will be Thursday morning, 19 July. The schedule is below. Yours truly will take the stage at 10:20.


The entire congress schedule is available at the link above. It promises to be a great meeting. Unfortunately, and as is usually the case, many of the talks I want to listen to are in overlapping time slots. If I could only be at more than one place at a given time...

I will return on the 21st with lots of Belgian chocolate...mmmm. Regular postings will resume soon after that.

So long.


eylon said...

Aydin, do not ignore belgian beers. Some surpass chocolate, even though you can claim one can't compare a snail with a beetle.
Still after some beers there I felt like I'm in heaven, and I wouldn't have known the difference.

budak said...

ya. drink lots of duvel.


Don't worry, I've been drinking Belgian beers. In fact, this is my last full day here & I still haven't had any chocolate.