28 July 2007

Saturday nite's beer review: Leffe & Grimbergen from Belgium


Among the beers I tried while in Belgium the previous week I liked most these two well-known brands. There are different brews of both brands and, as is usually the case with me, I preferred the dark ones. Leffe had a robust flavor, perhaps a nutty aroma and a rather sweet taste. Grimbergen, on the other hand, was only slightly sweet and had a smooth, even flavor. One characteristic of these brands is that they are always served in their own glasses.

Both Leffe and Grimbergen are definitely sweeter than the ordinary beers. I enjoyed them, but if you don't like any sweetness in your beer, stay away from them.


Anonymous said...

Hi - sorry this is unrelated, my wife & I are having a debate about how "Aydin" is pronounced...is it similar to how the Irish name "Aidan" is pronounced?! Sorry to bother you, I noticed you had answered a similar question last year, and thought you might be able to confirm this for me :)


Aydin rhymes with Haydn as in the composer's name but without the H sound.