09 July 2007

Şu an çalınan: Whole Lotta Love


It turns out that one can set the display of iPod nano to anyone of a whole lotta languages. I picked Turkish for a change. So now I have Listeler for "Playlists", Sanatçılar for "Artists", Albümler for "Albums", Parçalar (=pieces) for "Songs" (I would have used Şarkılar=songs) and Türler for "Genres". Podcasts, on the other hand, remains podcasts. Apparently, like albüm, liste and müzik, podcast is now a "Turkish" word. Moreover, Apple even retained the English plural form rather than using podcastler.


Ironically, şu an çalınan not only means "now playing" but also "now being stolen". Does Apple think that the Turkish-speaking users of iPod may have a tendency to copy their songs illegally? Coincidentally, I ripped Whole Lotta Love from...never mind.

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Anonymous said...

You can do that with the regular iPod as well. Apple is very cool when it comes to international settings. The Mac OS also supports multiple language key boards, all in the same text or word if you like.